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Lady Trouble-shooter

“Anyone needing legal help or consultation can contact me. Please text your problems to me at 9910429028 or e-mail me at jzongluju56@gmail.com”, she says. The lady might be very pretty, young, and petite, but Jyoti Zongluju, Supreme Court Lawyer hailing from Arunachal Pradesh and currently living in Delhi is one tough lady who is now legally fighting for North-East people facing racial discrimination, cheating, rape, non-payment of salaries and many other problems. Just a little over 25 years old, this graduate from Delhi’s prestigious National Law university and masters Degree holder from Amity Law School has her hands full with many cases. “Since the lockdown was announced, I have received quite a few complaints from North-East facing racial discrimination. In a recent case, a boy from Manipur living in Kishangarh area of Delhi was refused groceries by a shopkeeper selling grocery items. The  shopkeeper said that he would not allow the boy to enter his shop no matter how much money he offers. The boy called me. We have filed an FIR and also a case under sections 153 (c) and 509(a) of IPC. If the discrimination is proved which I shall prove the offender will get jailed up to 5 years”, the lady fumes, adding that there are many provisions under the Indian Laws where offenders who racially discriminate can be taken to task strictly. She praises Delhi police for prompt help and says that SPUNER team has always rushed whenever called.

Apart from discrimination, cheating, and rape cases top her list with regards to numbers. “In a recent case, a girl from Arunachal Pradesh had got into a Facebook friendship with a man from Punjab. After carrying on for a year on Facebook and phone, the boy called the girl to Delhi promising her love and marriage. The foolish girl came to Delhi, stayed with the man in a Delhi hotel near the airport. After about two-three days stay, the man disappeared and erased all his Facebook and Instagram identities and blocked her phone”, lawyer Jyoti tells us about another case she is fighting in court, adding that she is “amazed how a girl, who is currently  studying a PhD and thus well educated can fall for such a trap.” However, the young and smart lawyer, took the help of the Delhi Police, recovered the CCTV footage from the hotel as evidence and traced out the fugitive man. “Today, the man is in Tihar Jail. The case came up in court thrice and on all the three occasions we put a tough fight and the man was denied bail. I have slapped a rape case against the man. His family members are now pleading the girl for forgiveness.”

Lawyer Jyoti is the daughter of a defense personnel – her father works for the Sahastra Seema Bal – while her mother too is in government service. She is the eldest among three daughters. Talking about her own life in Delhi, Jyoti says that she herself has never faced any discrimination and has always been looked upon with respect in her lawyer circle. Thus, even though a majority of the cases on her platter right now are from the North-East, many of which she is fighting free of cost “due to kindred feeling for North-East people” she is open to taking cases from people of all communities and states of the coutry.